Retrieve and Recover

COVID relief scheme: delivery of essentials from hostel to homes!

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Initial Processess:

  • We circulated a Google form (for boys and girls separately) for students in need of extraction.
  • We released the list of Taskforce in campus volunteers to the students.
  • We conducted the process hostel wise.

For a particular request,

  1. We let the student know that we are going to recover their items.
  2. Verification of address and checking of the availability of courier service.
  3. Mailing of letter of consent to faculty advisor (warden and Taskforce in cc) by both the student and the roommate.
  4. We personalized the cost after consulting with the courier and collection of said cost from the student.
  5. Informed them the slot of retrieval, so that, they can be ready for the video call.

In – Campus Retrieval process:

  • We targeted one hostel per day and try to get all the requested items in one go.
  • The whole retrieval process happened on video call between the volunteer and the student to ensure maximum safety.
  • The student can either courier his/her room keys or agree to break open their locks. In case locks are broken, student paid for the new lock.
  1. The Volunteers in the presence of the steward entered the respective rooms and retrieved the items requested.
  2. All the items were sorted according to the student and labelled with the address.
  3. The ST courier truck entered the campus and reached the hostel.
  4. The items were packed in-front of the steward and loaded in the truck.
  5. The items after reaching the Professional courier Kattur branch, were couriered to the respective students successfully!!