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We aim at making students' lives easier and happier at NIT Trichy. Task Force’s main objective is to make students’ life at NIT Trichy easier and provide special opportunities for the students to take part in administrative activities. We are a student run organization which initiates affordable long term programmes to cater to students’ immediate requirements.

Task Force is a platform for students who are interested in administration but could not be a part of Student Council through Elections. Task Force is not an alternate body to Students’ Council but a supportive body helping them with new initiatives and additional support in solving student issues. Through various initiatives such as Passport Mela, Aadhaar Mela, Emergency Help Centre, Community Services, we aim at giving better and easy solutions to students’ regular problems.


Retrieve and Recover

Forgot your essentials in your room?

Task Force takes on the responsibility of serving the student community amidst the pandemic. We are here to retrieve your valuables from your hostel rooms and send it back safely to your hands in time for the upcoming semesters.


Passport Mela

Don't have a passport? Fret not!

A passport is a necessity for most of us as an identification proof and also for that intern, summer project or any last minute miracles. But the procedure to receive a passport in India is a big hassle. For this purpose, every year we organise a Pasport Mela where our team will help you not only in connecting with the officers but also by arranging all possible procedures within the campus itself.



REC's vision of recycling old cycles and turning them anew!

RECycle, the official bicycle share programme is an entrepreneurial venture of Task Force, NIT Trichy, through which the bicycles that are donated by the graduating students are refurbished and distributed back into the student community. The pilot project was launched in June 2016. After the success of the pilot, RECycle began full fledged activities and ran successfully till 2019. The project is currently shelved and will be back with a better structure and increased accessibility.


Campus Volunteers

Be it any institute activity, Task Force is always the first to volunteer help

We at Task Force volunteer to support the Institute in functions conducted across the academic year. From assisting freshers during orientation to our helpline for passouts during Convocation, we are always there to volunteer!


Soap Box

To help students know the candidates contesting the SC elections

The Students' Council plays an important role in our campus life and the representatives have to be chosen with complete certainty. The SoapBox is a platform provided by Taskforce for the candidates to present their plans and goals for the student body in front of the entire student community.


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